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I miss my Son:(
Difficult time grounding myself!
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A day in the Life of A Mother, Chef, Entrepreneur, Friend, Woman.
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A day in the Life !

A day in the Life of A Mother, Chef, Entrepreneur, Friend, Woman.

I miss my Son:(

How would I have ever known how much work this would be.  I miss my son, oh he is here but he slips in and out in the cracks of my day...I stop my line so I can hug and kiss him...Andrew has never let me give up.  There are times I couldn't get up, I wanted to give up...he was always there saying no mom, keep going.  He knows how much I wanted to make it, he also felt the sacrifices made so I could.    I often think of our little stories...like when the restaurant first made the paper for business of the year...they used a picture take the evening of the awards dinner of Mark and I.  I will never forget when he saw the article.  Andrew " Mom ?"  Mom"yes, Sweetie?" Andrew " I thought we were a family?" Of course I have no idea what he is leading into.  Mom " Of course we are Sweetie."  Andrew "Than why an I missing?"  I realized at that moment that he meant the picture in the paper and I never felt so crushed in my life.  I now make every effort to insure he is there for the pictures... I realized than the many sacrifices Andrew has made for me to achieve my dreams! As a mother the choices are difficult, but our children want us to succeed.  Sometimes though we have to realize that we may sacrifice a lot more than just time...because one day you will wake up and the planed trip was 10 years ago..and you never made it.  They love you, and that will never change but don't let the time get away...Now he is 18 and has a little life of his own..I am a proud Mama, but I do wish I balanced my time.
A Mom

To or not to write a blog?

The decision to keep a blog was not a lite one, I really could not think what I had to express others would be interested in.  With recent developments in my life, the realization of how wonderful my life is shed light on many reasons to create this blog.  I think the blog title says it all.
"A day in the Life of A Mother, Chef, Entrepreneur, Friend, Woman."
Sometimes finding the balance between all of these different responsibilities has been a challenge.  It certainly has not always been easy, certainly in these economic times.
An in-depth look at the different aspects of my everyday life most of which will be geared around my restaurant.  The highs, lows, and how and how not to's of being in this business.
I look forward to the exchange and the opportunity of growth both personally and professionally.
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