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Difficult time grounding myself!
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A day in the Life !

Difficult time grounding myself!

Yes, I knew this would be difficult, I worked day and night developing these creations and it is difficult to ground myself, I feel like I am in survival mode...I struggle everyday, but see how it is all coming together the staff is steadily improving....the kitchen is where I am seeing the most improvement..though I never want to be out of the trenches, I can see that familiar calmness as it settles over the line as the have settled into the position and the demands.  I feel bad when I am demanding from the staff I know they are working even harder than I am to ground themselves....but it is the only way.  The front of the house still struggles more than I thought they would, but than I wonder if it is more the demands of the clientele than it is their lack of experience.  With this relocation has come certain growth.  Most good, but I never would have thought I'd see more than a handful of disrespectful individuals who really have no clue to what this industry is like.  El Sobrante brought certain differences, maybe because I had more of a connection with my guest.  Pinole I am all but chained to those grills, and frankly I do love it.  I know it is certain I will have to re-enter the front of the house to entertain my guest..but now is the time I am building my culinary team.  Being a Chef is I think very misunderstood profession.  I feel like at times I am held to the demands of the norm...when I look to break thru with my own interpretation of my creations.  I mean this is my art , so why am I so misunderstood as an artist.  I am not perfect but I have my own standard, my own creations...my own philosophy of simple American meals.  Some folks speak of competition, yet for me I see none... I am not sure I find the importance of what the neighbor is doing or how they are running their business, I am just running mine...If I worry about the others than I am not effectively commanding my ship....I am yes obsessed with beating myself, creating my own and building the BEST team I can. Team Tina's My theory on building that team is to create relationships between us that they feel like my family, they are..they mean the world to me..and though the new team mates are still figuring this out my core team that have been with me many since I began in 1995..understand I KNOW this is just as much because of them as it is because of me.  They say I am impossible but I have led this team to this dream... and I love them all.  We have a long road ahead..as we continue to hold down the breakfast lunch concept we have done for 16 years day in and day out...but the addition of Dinner and cocktails will be where you see the most growth given time.  I just need time to teach myself more about my craft. I like to say " right now I am nothing to worry about but once my feet hit the ground here in Pinole you all will be very proud of me and my staff."  

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